I’m obsessed with running. I’m not really good at putting my ideas and thoughts into words, so I guess this whole blog thing will help with that.

I recently ran my first marathon with no formal training or confidence in even finishing. I ended up getting 3rd place in my age group (out of 1,728) and qualified for the 2014 Boston Marathon, so I’m thinking I might have been on to something and didn’t even know it. Could you imagine how I could have done if I had prepared or had any idea what I was doing?

That being said, I am going to put a little more effort into it this time around. I decided a good way to track my training, my eating, and my progress would be through this nifty little blog I created. Blogging is another thing that I don’t have any experience with, so this probably won’t be the coolest thing ever, but I figured I would give it a shot.

A Little More About Me:


My name is Sylvia and I am a graduate from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Sport Exercise Science specializing in Human Performance with Minors in Health Sciences and Fitness Training. I spent half of my college career committed to Rowing for UCF on The Women’s NCAA Crew team at a Division I level. This was an experience that molded me into the competitor I am today and taught me a lot about myself. I learned about training cycles, strength and conditioning, cross training, dietary needs of an athlete, but I think the most important thing I discovered was that rowing isn’t what I am passionate about.

I left my team about two years ago with a desire to run. Marathons. When I was rowing, I was thinking about running. I was the girl on our team who yearned for cross-training days when I could run for an hour and a half instead of being in a boat or on a rowing machine. I was the girl who got in trouble for signing up for a half marathon that fell in the peak of the season, and was accused of being more devoted to that than to my team or a to conference title.

So when I quit my team, I ran. I ran and ran. I ran 5ks, 10ks, half marathons. Easy stuff. I was alright. I didn’t know how to eat or how to train or how to get faster. I didn’t really care, I was doing what I loved.

It didn’t occur to me how much better I could be until I recently adopted a Paleo Diet. This changed me in every possible way. I immediately experienced heightened energy levels, more impressive splits on my runs, and an all over better outlook on life. I felt fast. I felt confident. So confident that I signed up for my first marathon… with three weeks to prepare. I was nervous and apprehensive but I couldn’t really back out of it. I showed up on race day scared and worried, but ended up performing better than I ever could have thought. I have no doubt that my success was due to my complete diet and lifestyle transformation, and now, I’m getting ready to start training for the Boston Marathon, a dream that I thought was distant and perhaps unattainable. So I suppose the best way to describe this little blog would be: a look into elite marathoning, from the perspective of an essentially amateur runner, on a diet free of grains, legumes, dairy, and processed foods (disclaimer: I have my slip ups. I love an occasional gallon of ice cream to the face). Enjoy:)


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