Sloppy Smoothies and Race Dates

Okay, so this morning was a blur. I had a job interview but wanted to get a tempo in beforehand so I set my alarm for super early to give me plenty of time to eat, run, and get ready… but that didn’t really work out. I woke up late knowing that it would be dumb to try and squeeze a workout in and still get out the door on schedule. But I can be pretty dumb sometimes.

Usually my smoothies are pretty well thought out – there was no time for that this morning.
That being said, If anyone wants the recipe for this one, tough luck, because I don’t even really remember what is in this.

I figured I wouldn’t have to worry about sweetening it because I’m pretty sure that’s half of a pineapple in there. Along with some kale, some spinach, a banana, almond milk, and an excessive amount of ice. Then I looked at it and second guessed my initial sweetness confidence, so I threw some strawberries and blueberries in too.

Oh and I also put some chia seeds and flax seeds in there too, but those are pretty much smoothie staples for me. And maybe some almond butter? I don’t remember. As I mentioned earlier – this morning: total blur.

It was actually really frickin good. Kind of tasted like green machine. And it definitely looked like it too. Which i’m not mad at.

Anyway I drank the whole thing. Fast. Bad move. Felt like vomming for my whole run. But on the bright side, I made it in time to my job interview. And I’m still really full.

More good news – my registration window opens up for the Boston Marathon tomorrow! EEEEEEEEeeee!!!!!
I have a half marathon on October 5th in Jacksonville (Marine Corps Half Marathon) but I’m gonna be honest, I haven’t really been on the ball with my training.
I’m just gonna wing it and see how I do, and focus more on the Space Coast Marathon on December 1st. I’ve heard it’s a great course; I had to sign up months in advance to get a spot so I’m pretty pumped.
My plan is to use this race as a baseline time to see where I am starting out in my training for Boston. That will give me 4 months to get where I want to be. I think I’m going to push for sub 3:10.

So now that i’ve got my race schedule all set, and this Boston thing is really happening (WTF) I guess I should start putting together a real life training plan.
Once that happens, I’m hoping to post more consistently with descriptions of what and when I’m eating, along with what my workouts are and how I feel before, during and after them. I’ve decided the only way to achieve optimal performance is to analyze these things and take note of what I get the best personal results from in my training. So anyway, look for that coming soon! <– I say that as if I actually have followers! ha!


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