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Kale Brownies….?

Ok so these brownies are for risk takers. Also for people who bought a bunch of kale before going away for the weekend and need some creative things to do with it before it goes bad.

Chocolate Covered Katie to the rescue!

When I was looking around for some kale inspiration, I was not expecting to find brownies. But I trusted this recipe. And I made it. And it is flippin’ awesome.

I made them yesterday and thought they were a little sweet. But when is that ever a problem? I figured they would be a good quick little snack before my long run this morning; woke up and had one* with my green tea before I headed out the door and felt great. They definitely work for immediate and sustained energy. Better than shoving a couple of dates and almonds in my mouth in a sleepy stupor when I’m tight on time.

I like to think the green flecks add some character…


*one = that much ^

Anyway, as I’ve said before, I hate measuring stuff out. Or following directions. and clearly I’m not a fan of serving sizes either considering the above. That’s why I’m not going to attribute my future blogging success to my amazing recipe index.

So the recipe says to blend the first 6 wet ingredients and sift the dry ones, and then pour the wet in as you stir. But I obviously didn’t do that. I tried blending the wet stuff first but then next thing i knew i accidentally threw the cocoa powder in there too, and then I forgot about the the dry ingredients until i had already poured the wet into the bowl. I flaked on the salt and vanilla extract all together…It was  a mess.

I was also pretty liberal with the ingredients: 1/2tsp=dash, 1/4cup= dumping some in a full cup until it looks right.

The one thing that did make a difference: leaving them in the fridge over night. they were real mushy for hours after they came out of the oven; I could barely cut a piece for my dad. But this morning they were perfect. And I think that last part was the only thing I did right.

I will definitely be making this again. and on the reg.