Carob Chip Cookies!

Okay, so I’m the definition of a sloth today.
It’s summertime in Florida aka 95 degrees outside. Ask me if there’s anything I want to do less than run.
I’m baking instead.
…I don’t believe in recipes. I’d rather expiriment and just do what I think will taste the best. I find good recipes, then I throw stuff in and leave stuff out accordingly.
That’s probably why my roommates usually refuse to try anything I make. Their loss, cause these cookies are awesome.

I bought carob chips at Whole Foods the other day and have been trying to figure out something to make with them. This was a good choice.
So here’s what’s in them:
Coconut flour
Fat free greek yogurt
Almond Milk
Vanilla extract
Pinch of salt
Pinch of baking powder
Carob chips

I mixed equal parts of the flour and yogurt (probz about 2 tablespoons) with all the other ingredients except for the almond milk. Then i poured the milk in one splash at a time until the dough got to the consistency I wanted, and that was it.
Set the oven to 350, spooned it out into balls on a cookie sheet and I was good to go. Left it in for like 10 minutes or something. til the edges were brown.

There are a couple reasons I hate recipes. One – I feel like they are so limiting. What if I wanted to throw some pecans in there too? or some banana and cinnamon? I’m not going to try and stop someone from making variations with what they like.
The other reason is that I’m just too damn lazy to measure stuff out. and then clean the dishes that accumulate from it. You know what I had to wash after this production? a bowl, a spoon, and a cookie sheet. That’s my kind of baking.

Also…I ate all of these. at one time. Oops.


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